Kayaking and kayak fishing offers Veterans and First Responders a low impact adaptive sport with both mental and physical benefits.

IRISHWATERDOGS WARRIORS is a monthly program for Veterans and First Responders, focused on kayaking, kayak Fishing, Hiking and camping and outdoor photography, our goal is to bring calm and peace to our service personnel, and with your support. We can.

IRISHWATERDOGS Ph: Stephanie Wilkes.

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Wounded Veterans Kayak Fishing, Kayaking and Adaptive Sports ProgramVeterans kayaking and Air boats with IRISHWATERDOGS Florida.Injured veterans kayaking and kayak fishing with IRISHWATERDOGS WARRIORS Program.Injured veterans kayaking and kayak fishing with IRISHWATERDOGS WARRIORS Program copy.jpgVeterans kayak fishing, kayaking and outdoor adaptive sports program | IRISHWATERDOGS WARRIORS.jpgVeteran kayaking and fishing program, Florida. IRISHWATERDOGSInjured veterans kayaking and kayak fishing with IRISHWATERDOGS WARRIORS Program.Veterans kayaking, Wind Surfing & fishing with IRISHWATERDOGS WARRIORS Florida.Veterans kayak fishing, kayaking, Fishing, Outdoors and adaptive sports IRISHWATERDOGS WARRIORS.Veterans kayaking and kayak fishing with IRISHWATERDOGS Florida.

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